Seniors may be eligible to begin receiving optical benefits:

  • On the day of your 65th birthday, or 

  • If you are new to Alberta, after you have permanently resided in the province for three months, whichever is later. 

Total household income will determine how much coverage you are eligible to receive.

NOTE: Spouses under 65 years of age or dependants are not eligible for assistance from the Optical Assistance for Seniors programs.

Optical benefits for seniors are paid retroactive for up to 12 months from the date of the optical service.

You are no longer eligible to receive benefits:

  • The day you leave Alberta to reside permanently in another province or country, or  

  • If you leave Alberta temporarily for longer than six months 



Eligibility for the Optical Assistance for Seniors programs is determined using the prior year's total income (line 150 of the personal tax form) as reported to Canada Revenue Agency.


Income thresholds effective from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015:


Marital Status         Total Household Annual Income            Optical Benefits 


Single Senior              $0 to $26,200                                        Up to $230 

                                   $26,201 to $31,675                                Up to $115

                                   Over $31,675                                         Not eligible


Senior Couple            $0 to $52,400                                         Up to $230 

                                   $52,401 to $63,350                                Up to $115 

                                   Over $63,350                                         Not eligible 


To Apply

If you have already applied for the Alberta Seniors Benefit Program, you are automatically enrolled in this program and do not need to apply.  For more information contact the Alberta seniors information line at 1-800-642-3853  or visit  






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